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Texas Unemployment Information

For unemployment benefits in Texas, you basically need to do the following:
  • Register with the unemployment agency
  • Complete a sufficient number of work search activities each week.
  • Document your work search activities in case of audit

Documentation requirements

  • Weekly records must include a list of all your work search activities, including:
    • Date of the activity
    • What you did (for example: searched for work at a Workforce Solutions office, applied online for a job, participated in a job fair, applied in person for an opening)
    • Type of job you are seeking
    • Names and titles of contacts
    • Employer name, telephone or fax numbers, addresses (mail, e-mail, or Internet)
    • Results of the activity
  • You can use 44score to document your work search, the TWC Work Search Log (http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/bnfts/worksearchlog.pdf), or your own form.
  • Only upon request will you provide your work search log to the Texas Workforce Commission. However, if you fail to provide documentation for any week during the past year, you can lose benefits

Disclaimer: This is our best attempt at summarizing the rules in Texas. For the official details, see the Texas Workforce Commission website.