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Michigan Unemployment Information

For unemployment benefits in Michigan, you basically need to do the following:
  • Create a profile on the MiTalent system
  • Register with the unemployment agency
  • Contact at least two employers each week looking for work
  • Document and submit a monthly record of your work search

Documentation requirements

  • Monthly records must include a list of your work search activities, including:
    • Date of contact
    • Employer name, address or website
    • Names and titles of contacts
    • Method of contact (for example: in person, phone, mail, fax, email, online by resume response to job ad, etc)
    • Type of work applied for
    • Results of the activity
  • If you fail to submit your monthly record of work search, this may have an effect on your eligibility for future payments and/or you may be required to pay back the benefits you were paid for the week(s) in question.

Disclaimer: This is our best attempt at summarizing the rules in Michigan. For the official details, see the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency.