How 44score Works

44score helps jobseekers organize their job search, easily keeping track of applications, networking, and reminders.

Keep track of your efforts

44score lets you save your past applications, emails, and conversation notes. When recruiters call back, get up to speed quickly by looking up what you sent them. These records are also required for unemployment benefits.

Always follow up

By scheduling reminders, 44score makes sure you check in after emailing your resume, send thank you notes after interviewing, and touch base again after networking.

44score stays with you

The 44score toolbar plugs into your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox), so it is always available when you search job boards or submit online applications. It alerts you as your reminders come due and speeds up record-keeping and emailing – see the videos below!

Automatically save job details

Via the browser plug-in, 44score automatically copies your job descriptions, cover letters, and resumes into your history. Use this when setting a reminder to apply later, or when saving a submitted application.

Videos - Watch 44score's Cutting-Edge Toolbar

The 44score toolbar saves you time by prefilling job descriptions, employers, and uploaded resumes in your history. It also makes Craigslist a breeze.

Networking made easy

Finding new contacts and requesting informational interviews is simple with the provided template, email integration, and scheduled reminders.

Save apps with 2 clicks

We grab the details when you apply on employer websites, so you don't have to. It's easy to save a record of your job application to your personal job search history.

Zip through Craigslist

Applying to jobs listed on Craigslist is a breeze. You can reuse previous emails, and your emailed resume is automatically saved to your job search history. You can also schedule reminders so you don't forget to follow up afterwards.