About 44score

44score is revolutionizing the job search. We are not another Monster or niche job board. We are the way for active jobseekers to stay organized and keep track of online apps, networking, and to-dos.

A couple examples of what we are doing:

  1. Our innovative browser toolbar automates the record-keeping, allowing users to copy details straight from the employer's application form to their personal history with just two clicks.
  2. Our reminder system ensures that opportunities do not fall on the floor when someone forgets to get back to you.

Management Team

David Sickmiller, Founder & CEO
David previously co-founded Career Liaison LLC, which developed recruiting analytics and job application automation software for use by employers. Career Liaison was acquired by JobTarget, Inc in 2009. Through Career Liaison, David acquired a deep technical understanding of the nuances of recruiting websites that, now some years later, 44score integrates with. He was also active on the business development side, learning the recruiting ecosystem and forging industry connections. Also, David has a decade of experience developing web-based software and holds an MBA in Marketing from Michigan State University and a B.S. in Computer Science from Kettering University.


Selected News Stories

Organize Your Job Search With 44Score
"There’s a new job search tool out there. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and it may actually help a lot of jobseekers out there."

Software to Help You Manage Your Job Search
"...help you keep track of job applications, networking contacts and more."

Keep Your Job Search Organized With 44Score
"For any job seeker looking to stay organized in their search, this is definitely a site to take a look at."

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